How To: Say restaurant related words & phrases in Polish

Say restaurant related words & phrases in Polish

Follow this video which will teach you some words in the Polish language very easily. This video will guide you through the words and phrases in Polish you will likely use when you visit a restaurant. To say the phrase "in the restaurant" in Polish you have to say "W restauracji". To ask for the menu when you are at the restaurant you have to say "Czy mozna prosic karte?". When the waiter asks you what he will bring you to eat or drink he would say "Slucham, co dla Panstwa?" in Polish. An example of what you might order could be "Chicken breast in curry sauce and a bottle of dry red wine". To say this is Polish you have to say "Piers z kurczaka w sosie curry i butelke czerwonego wytrawnego wina". When the waiter brings you what you ordered he may tell you, "Here you are! Here are the spices. Bon appétit". In Polish this would be "Prosze bardzo! Tu sa przyprawy. Zycze smacznego.". Thank you in Polish is "Dziekuje", whereas if you would like to ask the waiter to bring you the bill you have to say "Przepraszam, czy moge prosic rachunek?". In reply the waiter will tell you, "Here you are", which is "Prosze bardzo" in Polish. Visit the website to learn more Polish words.

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